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Monday, February 15, 2021

I'd be dead without ABC Radio National!


When I still lived and worked overseas, I didn't watch television or listen to the radio much, because the various corners of the world I dwelt in for a period of time were either so remote that there was no reception or in a language I could not understand.

Not that I missed it because the 'real' world around me was so exciting that it surpassed anything produced by the BBC or National Geographic.

However, now that I have, as they say, "settled down", I feel more cut off from the world than at any time before but, thanks to modern technology and through my computer, I can listen via the Radiobox and the Radio Garden to just about any radio station around the world.

And yet, for my wake-up call in the morning and for my non-alcoholic but all-the-same intoxicating nightcap just before dropping off to sleep, I simply couldn't do without my trusty old friend, ABC Radio National.

Their interesting and often erudite programming gives me a sense of continuity and a sense of anticipation. I think I'd be dead without it!

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