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Saturday, February 6, 2021

The Next 100 Years


As the author writes in his introduction, "I have no crystal ball. I do, however, have a method that has served me well, imperfect though it might be, in understanding the past and anticipating the future.

Underneath the disorder of history, my task is to try to see the order - and to anticipate what events, trends, and technology that order will bring forth. Forecasting a hundred years ahead may appear to be a frivolous activity, but, as I hope you will see, it is a rational, feasible process, and it is hardly frivolous. I will have grandchildren in the not-distant future, and some of them will surely be alive in the twenty-second century. That thought makes all of this very real."

Published in 2009, this book's forecast is already proving very real, in some cases frighteningly real. Written with a keen insight, "The Next 100 Years" offers a lucid, highly readable forecast of what lies ahead.

I bought my copy at Vinnies for a dollar but you can do one better and read it for free at www.archive org.: simply SIGN UP (it's free!), then LOG IN and BORROW.

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P.S. Everyone talks about the threat of China. Here is an analysis as good as any I have ever read (click on images to enlarge):