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Monday, February 8, 2021

Forty short stories to read on a plane


An occasional reader of my blog - so named because, like the table of the same name, he's retired and no longer has an officially designated use - posed the question, "Have you ever thought that maybe writing short stories of you experiences. You could publish them in ebook format. A friend from school did and called them 40 short stories you can read on a plane."

Desperately trying to retain his friendship, I've deliberately left his errors of punctuation and syntax uncorrected, just as I deliberately do not wish to comment on the errors contained in his friend's Introduction, the most obvious of which being the abuse of the apostrophe in "My mind wandered in it's exhausted state ..." (did I just comment on it?)

Anyway, whether you're flying or not, these stories are amusing enough to be read anywhere, so why not right here? Why, you may even want to lash out $3.99 (is that US or AUS?) to read all of them!

As for publishing my own early-morning mental calisthenics in bookform, let me see, how much is $3.99 times (say) a dozen readers? If you are one of the dozen, consider yourself lucky because you will continue to receive my blog entirely free (although not entirely free of sarcasm).

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