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Friday, February 5, 2021

Copyright confusion


This book is sold subject to the condition that it shall not, by way of trade or otherwise, be lent, resold, hired out, or otherwise circulated without the publisher's prior consent ...

This copyright warning is inside almost every book I pick up from my favourite op-shop. Is it because they don't want to run foul of the "shall not be resold" condition that they practically give the books away?

I've just picked up another J.M. Coetzee novel, "Disgrace", which was also made into a movie starring John Malkovich (he of "Heart of Darkness" fame); "Are we there yet?", a story of South Africa past and present by David Smiedt whom I met personally at the Lifehouse two years ago, he as a past patient and I as one still recovering from the agony of surgery; and "The Next 100 Years - A Forecast for The 21st Century" by George Friedman" (who also wrote "America's Secret War").

Having spent no more than a couple of gold coins for all this treasure, I treated myself to an Oyster Bay Chardonnay at the Batemans Bay Soldiers Club who sell it by the glass for $8 ($7.20 for members) poured from a bottle which sells even at Dan Murphy for no more than $14.25.

But back to the copywright warning which continues "... in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without a similar condition, including this condition, being imposed on the subsequent purchaser." So the book may be "lent, resold, hired out, or otherwise circulated" as long as its cover is not changed? Hmmm ...

Another glass of Oyster Bay Chardonnay may help me understand it.

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