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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Putin's Palace

Putin isn't all that smart: for a fraction of the price he could've bought "Riverbend" which has a better climate, a cleaner waterfront, and is located in a politically stable country


As I was lying in bed two days ago, I listened to something interesting on the radio and thought to myself, "I must do some more research on this tomorrow morning". Woke up next morning and tried to remember what it was I wanted to do some research on. Total blank! DEMENTIA?

A Chinese friend suggested two or three bottles of French Grand Cru Chablis would revive my brain, but a cup of hot ginger and lemon tea seemed to have done the same this morning because, as I was stirring my porridge, something else stirred inside my brain: Putin's Palace!


The original YouTube clip is overly long, in Russian, and badly translated. Here's a shortcut
(but wait! - there's more here)


A quick look at wikipedia and it all came back to me - although I still can't remember which particular programme of ABC Radio National started me on this dementia-defying exercise.

Anyway, here it is: Putin's Palace! I bet all they're drinking inside that megalomaniacal estate, which is 39 times the size of Monaco and cost over US$1.35 billion to construct, is French Grand Cru Chablis.

Googlemap Riverbend