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Friday, January 21, 2022

What's in a name?


This morning I was so engrossed in a book that I burnt my porridge and had a chocolate-coated marshmellow for breakfast instead. The book I was reading was "Beijing Confidential" by Jan Wong, which gave me more insight into modern China than anything else I had read before.

Coming to the end of this 300-page book, I tried to find out if Jan Wong had written anything else about China. I searched archive.org and found "A Comrade Lost and Found" and "Chinese Whispers - Searching for Forgiveness in Beijing". Great, I thought, before I realised that both were rebadged "Beijing Confidentials". What's in a name? That which they call "Chinese Whispers" would read just like "Beijing Confidential".

After some more googling, I did find one new book by Jan Wong, "Red China Blues - My long March from Mao to now", which I shall "test-read" on archive.org before ordering it as a hardcopy to have and to hold.

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