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Thursday, March 3, 2022

Beyond the five-second headlines


If you're like me, you want to know something more than what you're being fed on the nightly news. The internet is full of blow-for-blow narratives reporting about Putin and the invasion of Ukraine. I prefer background information to arrive at my own conclusion. Take your time to work your way through these clips:

What better man than a chess grandmaster to explain Putin's endgame?

And we can't do without a few words from MI6. Come in, James Bond:

What about sanctions? Bill Browder has the answers:

But here's the elephant in the room: what will China do?

In the following film, a 2015 co-production with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, producer Neil Docherty and correspondent Gillian Findlay traced Putin’s career back two decades to his political start in St. Petersburg, where allegations of corruption began almost immediately. Drawing on firsthand accounts from exiled Russian business tycoons, writers and politicians, as well as the exhaustive research of scholar and best-selling “Putin’s Kleptocracy” author Karen Dawisha, the film examined troubling episodes in Putin’s past, from alleged money-laundering activities and ties to organized crime, to a secret personal fortune said to be in the billions:

The next FRONTLINE video clip tells the story of how Russian President Vladimir Putin came to see the United States as an enemy — and why he decided to target an American election. With in-depth reporting from Moscow and Washington, D.C., the team behind “The Choice 2016” examines Putin’s rise, rule and motivations:

The next video was recorded by Navalny before his return to Russia, but he decided to publish it afterward: Alexei didn’t want the main character of this investigation — Vladimir Putin — to think that we are afraid of him and that we can uncover his biggest secret only while being abroad. Here you will see, what is believed to be impossible to see. We will visit places, that are forbidden for everyone. We will be Putin’s guests. We will see with our own eyes that this man in his craving for luxury and for wealth, became completely mad. We will uncover who financed this luxurious property, and how. And we’ll witness, how the largest bribe in history is being given over the past fifteen years, as well as how the most luxurious palace is being built:

And don't leave it at that. Find out as much as you can. Stay informed!

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