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Thursday, March 3, 2022

High tide and high tea

My floating rain gauge is to the right of the photo 😀


No one, like in soccer, blows a whistle and yells, "Half-time", but I think this is it: high tide! No higher than it's been on previous occasions after lots of rain, and the forecast is for rains to slacken. I feel the high tide in my chest receding.

To put things into perspective: the Clyde is a tidal river, and this morning's high tide at 1.62m is higher than the more usual 1.30m, so all that water you're seeing is not water going down the river but water coming up the river, and it will start going down again when the tide turns. By five o'clock this evening it should be back to 0.13m.


Tide Times


Time for a nice cup of hot lemon-and-ginger tea laced with honey, a hot cross bun covered in plum jam, and my favourite Joseph Conrad story.

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