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Today's quote:

Thursday, March 3, 2022

Join me tonight!


As a high-value CommSec customer for more than twenty years, I've been invited to this exclusive two-hour live streaming broadcast event tonight at 5.30 Sydney time.

Speakers will be:

  • Craig James, CommSec’s Chief Equities Economist, presenting his expert analysis on the economic landscape covering central banks, interest rates and bond markets.
  • Vivek Dhar, Director Mining Energy Economist of Commonwealth Bank, diving into the hot topics of the mining industry and sharing his forecast on commodities in the coming year.
  • Catherine Allfrey, Principal and Portfolio Manager of WaveStone Capital, presenting her strategies on achieving long term growth by investing in quality companies with a sustainable competitive advantage.

If you want answers to questions such as "What are the current market drivers?", "What does global trade look like in the post-pandemic world?", and "How can companies maintain a competitive advantage in this everchanging market environment", then put a bottle of your favourite tipple on ice and join me by clicking here. See you then!


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