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Friday, March 25, 2022

There's just one special contract condition


I'm on record as not being one who thinks much of real estate agents. I still don't but I've just had some early discussions with one who seems to be slightly above the rest, and who's currently marketing a trophy house in the five-million-dollar range.

That particular trophy house seems to have caught the attention of a number of prospective buyers from all over the country, and since only one of them can be the lucky buyer, it occurred to me that those who missed out may be interested in "Riverbend". Indeed, some may even prefer "Riverbend" as said trophy house is off-grid (no mains power, no town water, no sewer) and slightly remote on a dirt road which may be a bit of a challenge to someone used to spending millions of dollars.

"Riverbend", being on a bitumen road, with mains power and soon town water and sewer as well, in addition also offers safety in numbers by being part of the village. And it comes with a much lower price tag which we agreed would be somewhere north of three million dollars.

As I wrote, these were early discussions. Something may come of it or nothing may come of it. However, one special contract condition I did already insist on: whoever buys "Riverbend" must pledge to serve our two resident possums breakfast in bed - to say nothing of the feeding of the multitudes of waterfowl on the pond, the dozen or so tame rainbow lorikeets and king parrots, the kookaburras, and the scores of water dragons, chief among them Enzo who for many years has shared the verandah under which he lives with us. And I want that in writing! 😀

Googlemap Riverbend