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Thursday, August 30, 2012

The die was cast!

As a member of the Papua New Guinea Association of Australia, I always look forward to reading their excellent journal "Una Voce" whose editor keeps inviting readers to contribute their own stories of life in Papua New Guinea.

So I cobbled together my little story The die was cast!, wondering if they might publish some of it. Well, they just did and in full, and it runs to five pages in their September edition!

In the closing paragraph of my story I wrote, "If you know any persons mentioned or their present whereabouts, please contact Peter Goerman at riverbendnelligen@mail.com." Before I had even received my copy "Una Voce", I had already received this email:

"Hello Peter

I read your article in Una Voce re Hancock Woodward & Neill. I am in touch with Grahame Ward who is in Port Moresby and Brian Wallace who resides in Mackay. Rob Lees who may have worked for the company after you is in contact with Peter Langley and other company people.

I remember you sharing a donga at Comworks in Rabaul with Ward and myself early in the piece. I worked at Rabaul Garage selling cars for John Dowling; now retired on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Ward was a drinking friend. I haven't seen him for maybe 20 years but spoke recently. I will track down Peter Langley's contact in Sydney and let you know. I am led to believe that he is in contact with Mark Henderson. Brian Wallace left Hancock's and worked with me for John Dowling. Rob Lees arrived in 1971 or thereabouts. Jerry Carr-Boyd was in Sydney last I heard. I hope you get a reply from Grahame as he is not noted for his responses to emails. I will forward Peter Langley's details when they come to hand. I note from your CV that you did work in Samoa. I was in that area both Pago Pago and Apia in 1994/95. Great part of the world. I didnt leave PNG until 1990. Was based in Port Moresby for final 8 years.

Peter Logan"

Thanks, Peter; what a blast from the past! From as long ago as 1970, more than forty years ago! I look forward to hearing more from Peter and the others he mentioned in his email.