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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

We've just discovered a new specie of bowerbird


Bowerbirds are renowned for their unique behaviour, where males build a structure and decorate it with sticks and brightly coloured objects in an attempt to attract a mate.

The specie we have been observing at the end of our lane differs in that it is the female that decorates her bower with brightly coloured objects, taken from our gate in an attempt, presumably, to attract our attention.

She takes our brightly-coloured FOR SALE flyers, rips them into small pieces, and adds them to her bower, of which there are now several. We feel flattered as, quite obviously, she doesn't want us to leave.

However, we are confused by her also ripping up our 'Cottage for Rent' flyers which is rather counterintuitive as the less we rent out the cottage, the less tax we pay, the less for her in the Centrelink-kitty.

We videoed her odd behaviour with our remote-control surveillance monitors and may upload it to YouTube for the benefit of ornithologists worldwide.

Anyone who thinks she recognises herself in this blog, probably does.