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Friday, January 16, 2015

Bunnings gets my goat


During countless visits to Bunnings I spent well over $7,000 on new kitchen cabinets, a new kitchen sink, and assorted fittings. I always dealt with the same short-of-stature-and-short-of-temper lady behind the 'Special Orders' desk whom I rang yesterday to order the final touch, the stone benchtops.

"That'll be $3,058.19. You have to pay for it before we can process the order", she said

"Can I pay by cheque instead of credit card?", I asked.

"No problem!", she replied.

So my wife drove into the Bay to deliver the cheque and was back within the hour - WITH THE CHEQUE! The same lady, with whom I had dealt face-to-face more than a dozen times, had refused to accept it! She insisted that I give it to her in person and identify myself with my driver's license! Has the world gone mad?

Which is not what I asked when I rang her. Instead, I asked, conciliatorily if not beggingly, whether I could give her my driver's license details over the phone.

"No, you must come here in person!", she replied, before lecturing (or should that be 'hectoring'?) me that this procedure was for my own protection.

The only protection I need is from pompous and officious Bunnings staff!

BUNNINGS - pompous and officious staff are just the beginning ...