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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

It's not a pirate ship but it's Notorious


There is nothing I'd rather do than rummage through bookshops and to find the one book I've always wanted - and then three or four more I hadn't even known I wanted. And so, after a morning spent in the Bay's op-shops and bookshops, and laden with 'treasures' of various kinds (of which more later), I was about to cross the bridge when I saw something notorious.


Graeme and Felicity Wiley aboard NOTORIOUS


It was, of course, the Notorious, an 18m, 60-tonne ship modelled on the Spanish or Portuguese caravels that Christopher Columbus and Vasco da Gama used to discover the New World. Furniture maker Graeme Wylie spend 10 years building the ship north of Warrnambool out of recycled timber, and finally finished it in 2011. "It took me 2½ years of research then 8½ years of building before it was finished," skipper Graeme Wylie said. Follow Notorious on facebook.



The $5 admission was money well spent to round off a pleasant day.