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Monday, January 5, 2015

The new year is already in full swing


It rained last night, hard enough to get inside the workshop, right where I had put my 70-page ride-on mower repair and parts manual which is essential reading for all those never-ending repairs. So, before it could turn into unreadable pulp, I pried it apart, page by page, and hung it out to dry on the lounge and across the armchairs.

Then the man from Essential Stone came to measure up the benchtops for the kitchen. Looking at the new cabinets, he uttered the ultimate accolade when he asked, "Are you a cabinetmaker by trade?" "No", I said, "I'm a (re-)tired accountant."

Our cottage guest who'd been with us over Christmas and New Year - see here - has left again and Riverbend is strangely quiet but the outside world has just knocked on the door again with another email inquiry for a stay later this month.

Meanwhile, Padma has gone to the Bay for her 'curry job' and to pick up a package from the post office which, I suppose, contains my latest order from ebay, the movie The Grand Budapest Hotel.

I need all the cheering-up I can get for the new year which is already in full swing again. Only another 353 days to Christmas!