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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Chicken or the egg?


Which came first: comedy or reality? They seem so much the same that I wonder whether I should laugh or cry. Housos vs. Authority is a crossing-the-line 'comedy' that has the stench of truth wafting through it.

If you and your brain have temporarily parted company, you may just enjoy this perverse celebration of a certain type of Australianness with its stream of expletives uttered by people who speak and move as if their underwear is full of gravel.

Watching the trailer was bad enough and so I never sat through the whole thing to count the number of times those dole-bludging misfits used the F-word. And I failed to see the point of the movie. Or perhaps it was meant to be pointless - as pointless as the bludgy lifestyles of the foul-mouthed, dim-witted characters in it.

All I've learned from it is that Centrelink is not an urban transport system but the place where a large number of Australians collect their "paycheques". Stupid me! No wonder my neighbours, who every time they see me stick up their middle-finger - presumably to check which way the wind is blowing - , call me un-Australian!