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Thursday, May 7, 2015

The other face of Australia

Part 2 and 3


SBS's new documentary Struggle Street has everybody talking - well, screaming, really! Here are some of the comments:


"I will firstly say that I will be watching this show tonight without fail and will laugh myself sick guaranteed, but the hypocrisy at SBS is amazing. I can bet they would never dare pull a stunt like this on Muslims or aborigines, that would be racist wouldn't it? Double standards much."
"they say "Aussie Struggle Street doco angers residents at portrayal"??? its NOT how they are being "portrayed by SBS, its how Mount Druitt actually is! they the Mount Druitt houso's agreed to be them selves & now they are in uproar? sounds like they wanna sue to get money off SBS so they can score drugs or to pay for more tattoo's at SBS's expense! how ironic that the local garbage collectors in their trucks are protesting and forming a blockade infront of the SBS buildings today lol what a bunch of houso's !!!!"
"Hear hear. Bloody agree. Lived there once. Dump. And these idiots chose to be on the show. They are uncouth."
"Dude i live 10mins from mounty, got to say this is pretty dam close."
"Can we accept boat people in and send these scumbags off to drown somewhere in the ocean? BAM... multiple social problems solved."


I'm sure there's more to come. And I'm not so sure I want to watch next week's instalment.

Yep! The legal battle is on! The people of Struggle Street versus SBS - click here. More money for the lawyers!