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Tuesday, May 5, 2015


"Riverbend" outlined in yellow


There I was standing at the gate minding other people's business when a silver Beemo pulled up. Two middle-aged men got out (at my age, everyone else is middle-aged or younger) and approached me.

After commenting on the beautiful weather and the not-so-beautiful state of the world, they told me that they had looked at the property next door (outlined in red) but lost all interest in it after seeing my FOR SALE sign on the gate. Of course, they acknowledged that there was a 'slight' difference in price and it is yet to be seen if their bank manager supports their newfound interest.

Over a cup of tea (my latest sales ploy) we discovered that we also had a common interest in books and movies. Bruce's wife is a devotee of Charmian Clift and I parted with a copy of Mermaid Singing which he knew she had never heard of, and Roger, the movie buff, told me of Listen to the Lion, an Australian movie from the late 70s, which I had never heard of.

Apparently, it was screened on TV but is now almost impossible to find. It portraits three days in the life (and death) of a Sydney drifter and was directed by Henri Safran (who went on to direct "Storm Boy" and several other Australian films) which is recommendation enough for me to track down this particular lion.