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Monday, May 11, 2015

Is a nod better than a wink?


You know those chaps who stand behind Tony Abbott and the like and nod their approval even when Tony says something really stupid?

Perhaps they're supposed to draw our attention away from the stupid things our politicians tell us and to be more interested in what's going on behind them. I mean, look out for the blonde on the extreme right who never actually says anything but is a really good nodder. And note how sensitively gender- and ethnicity-balanced those nodders are!

I believe they're modelled on the little plastic dog thingies we used to have in the rear windows of our cars before they were replaced by those big fluffy dice that dangled from the rear vision mirrors. Or perhaps they're a nodding reference to the last time our politicians read a book: Enid Blyton's Noddy.

Having lost my last cushy retirement job - see here -, I need something equally undemanding and this might just be the one for me. I mean, I could wear my Tyrolean hat and 'Lederhosen' and look just as stupid as the rest of them!