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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Je ne regrette rien


Which is French, of course. But then so is eating frogs, cruelty to geese and urinating in the street. Anyway, Edith Piaf sang this song. I regret nothing. What an epitaph!

Sustenance is no longer a struggle for me. Food, clothing, and shelter are no farther away than the back pocket of my trousers. In fact, if I put the money in my shirt pocket, I'd never have to get off my ass again.

And yet there are moments when I have to remind myself of Edith Piaf's song. In French? Ah bien sur, en Francaise.

Mind you, anybody who tells you they have no regrets in life is full shit or has a pharmaceutically addled mind (which is the same thing). We all have regrets; it's what makes us human. The trick is not to dwell on them. I'm still working on that.