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Thursday, December 14, 2017

A snapshot of society back in time

This is the full-length movie. Enjoy!


The Australian classic "Don's Party" is almost a documentary of Australia in the late 60s with all that partying and bonking going on which leaves you wondering how they still had the energy left for any political discourse.

Not that much has changed as Labor voters are still self-righteous, ill informed, intolerant and aggressive towards those whose views are even the slightest bit different. I strongly identified with Simon, the mild-mannered accountant, not only because his company made those yellow plastic indicator-hands used on trucks but also because he was the only one at the party who supported Liberal, didn't drop his daks, and wore one of those safari suits I'd worn in South Africa but never worn since (mind you, his wife would've probably robbed me of my will to live ☺).

Having only just returned to Australia in April 1969, I had no political opinion yet nor would I've been allowed to vote on it as my Australian citizenship was still three years away, but having grown up in post-war Germany next to the 'Iron Curtain', I'd been put off any sort of -isms like socialism or communism for life.

"Don's Party" was adapted from a play by David Williamson, the same David Williamson who wrote "Travelling North" which is my favourite.