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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Somewhere in Tonga


If you're a juvenile in Germany and lack the money to travel the world, all you need is a knife: under Germany's 'enlightened' justice system you'll be able to live on a tropical island in the Kingdom of Tonga instead of spending time in jail in Germany.

The island, the tropical paradise of Kenutu, is real and so is the story, and both are now the subject of a feature film in which you can watch how 16-year-old Marcel, who in Germany under the influence of drugs killed someone with a knife, repays his 'debt to society' in paradise.

It may surprise you that a country, which sends the riot police to your house if you don't take your library book back on time, should give a murderer a holiday on a tropical island. Perhaps you'd be less surprised if you knew that the same justice system did not persecute hundreds of Middle Eastern and African rapists because they hadn't yet 'culturally assimilated'. How much 'kultcha' do you need to know that you can't just rape any woman you happen to pass in the street.

I'm glad it's not me that's mad - it's the justice system!