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Friday, December 29, 2017

You want to build your own "Pizza Hut", Troy, do you?

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Well, I let you copy my patented German design provided you don't tell anyone else, okay? Here are the measurements:

The "foot print" of the structure is roughly 3x3 metres (but the roof overhang is another 750mm on each side, and 1050mm at the corners) and the height of the four corner posts is 2500mm above ground.

The four corner posts must form a perfect square as the roofing iron will be supplied on that basis, with the diagonal offcut from the sheet on one side becoming part of the roof covering on the opposite side. To measure out a perfect square, ask Pythagoras for help - click here.

The corner posts are "tied" together by four 3-metre-long 140x45mm timbers. Note the four corner stabilisers! At the exact centre, connect two sides with 90x45mm timbers, 'laminated' three thick, to form the basis for the 90x90mm roof support. The height of the roof support determines the pitch of the roof; this particular support is 700mm high.

Joined at the top of the roof support are eight lengths of 90x45mm timbers; four from the four corners, and another four from the centre of each side. By the laws of geometry, the corner lengths are longer than the centre ones but none are longer than 3 metres. The exact length is determined by the desired overhang and trimmed to size in situ.

The structure is further stabilised by 90x45mm cross beams which also serve as additional fastening points for the roofing iron.

And that's about it, except for the roofing iron itself which is the most expensive part of the job (other than the exorbitant labour charges ☺)

And there you have it: your very own "Pizza Hut" sans the pizza and sans the river. There is no charge for using this original German design but I expect to be invited to the 'hut-warming'.

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