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Friday, May 1, 2020

Not your average postcard

G.P.O. Martin Place, Sydney


This collection consists of more than 35,500 Raphael Tuck & Sons postcards, mainly the Oilette series. The Tuck Company began operating in England in 1866, and started printing picture postcards in 1894.


The Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains


Oilette postcards, introduced in 1903, were the work of many different artists employed by the company and encompassed a great variety of subject matter, including country and farm scenes, landscapes, and churches. Tuck described Oilettes as “veritable miniature oil paintings.” Postcards are undated; however, the Tuck Company went out of business in 1959, so the dates for the collection are approximate.


Sydney ferries


Click on publications.newberry.org, type in your search - e.g. Sydney or Melbourne or Melbourne or Paris or Singapore or Hamburg or Berlin or whatever - and click on your favourite postcard to display it in full size.

But wait, there's more! Scroll to "Send this image as an e-greeting!", click on Newberry Postcard Sender, and email the card to a friend.

(Not having any friends, I've just sent a card to myself and I'm still waiting for it. I'll let you know when I receive it.)

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