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Today's quote:

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Whatever happened to Margo?


People are always asking me what happened to my sister. I am pleased to report that Margo is still full of beans and that our lives continue to be as entangled as they were during those halcyon days on Corfu."

So wrote Gerald Durrell in November 1994 in his preface to the book "Whatever Happened to Margo?", written sometime in the 60s and discovered gathering dust in an attic by Margo's granddaughter.

From the book's dust jacket

What a remarkable find! Not only will the new tales of Gerald and his animal antics delight Durrell fans the world over, but Margaret Durrell, completing the literary family trio, is a wonderful talent in her own right.

To read this wonderful book, now long out of print and nowhere else available, click here, join www.archive.org - it's free! - and "borrow" it.

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