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Monday, May 11, 2020

Some things will never change

(Please note: I've already notified the Grammar Vigilante)


These past six weeks we have experienced a little of what life is like in a totalitarian state: monitored, suspicious of each other, the long arm of government reaching into all our lives. The virus of authoritarianism has shut down businesses and locked us in our homes, grounded airlines and closed down borders and forced us to wear masks.

Or mask's, if you will, because one thing will probably never change: the Australian habit of inserting an apostrophe in the most unlikely places.

This one I spotted in a chemist shop's window in Ulladulla where I had an appointment with my favourite dentist, Grant Brodie, which, in a round-about way, brings me to another thing that will never change: Grant Brodie's remarkably low fees which seem straight out of the 70s.

A week ago, I broke an upper front-tooth on a Subway sandwich. The remaining stump wasn't worth saving and needed to be pulled. Three painkiller injections and a very gentle extraction later, I was presented with an even 'gentler' bill: a mere $100.

"Come back next week and we put in another one to restore your smile," he said, which is what he did today, and I'm smiling again for more than one reason because this second treatment cost me just another $60.


My suggested redesign of his business card. Easily done as I could use the
superfluous 'n' in 'Newsangents' in the word 'Gentle'. He hasn't accepted it yet.


Are YOU looking for a dentist with a gentle touch, both in your mouth and in your wallet? Call Grant Brodie in Ulladulla on (02) 4455 1604!

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