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Sunday, May 31, 2020

Wet T-shirt contest? Watch Sophia Loren instead!

The film was loosely based on David Divine's novel by the same name, published in 1955, which presents as rivals an English archeologist and an impoverished Greek student.


This film was one of the top-earners in its days, mainly because in those years the public wanted exotic European location shooting and the film certainly does a good job of showing Greece and Sophia Loren who is ravishing.

It has a little bit of adventure, love story, and suspense, with the back-drop of Hydra, one of the most enchanting Aegean islands. The film might look a bit outdated to today's audiences, but it's fun to watch Alan Ladd and Clifton Webb in roles that don't require much acting.

Sophia Loren is perfect as the sponge fisher who discovers a treasure. In fact, the best excuse to watch again this long-forgotten film of the late 50s is to watch her. What a beautiful woman; what a sight for sore eyes!

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