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Thursday, May 14, 2020

The Durrells in Corfu


Wether you have heard of Gerald Durrell or Lawrence Durrell depends on whether you have read "My Family and Other Animals" or "The Alexandria Quartet".


Gerald Durrell's story


The former was the younger brother of the latter, and both are lovingly portraited in the warm, funny feel-good 8-DVD series "The Durrells" which is about their adventures on the gorgeous Greek island of Corfu after they uprooted from their English home in the hope of a better life.

Based on Gerald Durrell's much-loved Corfu trilogy of novels, "The Durrells" sees impoverished but sparky widow Louisa Durrell make the radical decision to seek out a new destiny for her family when she relocates her reluctant brood to a dilapidated house in the Greek sun.

I already was an admirer of Gerald Durrell's writing before I went to live and work in Greece from late 1983 to early 1985, during which time I visited Corfu twice to stay in my Saudi boss's villa on Messonghi Beach.

That was more than thirty-five years ago, and both Durrells are dead now. All I'm left with are my memories, the recently purchased set of eight DVDs, and this model of a 'kaika', the traditional fishing boat used in Greece for centuries, taking pride of place on one of my bookshelves.


Inscribed Κέρκυρα , the Greek name for Corfu


Why not join me and buy your own set of "The Durrels", and follow them as they adjust to their new life, face a whole new set of challenges and meet new friends, rivals, lovers, and animals? You'll love it and them!

Googlemap Riverbend


P.S. Good news! "The Durrells" are right now (11 April 2021) live-streaming on ABC TV - click here. Unfortunately, viewing is restricted to Australian audiences: