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Today's quote:

Friday, May 8, 2020

To become or not to become fit


We are driven by the need to fill our lives with meaning but most times we fail. So we fill the void with action. We have kids, get mortgages, raise families, pay bills, go to work each day without asking why, and then die.

Instead of the Shakespearian "To be or not to be" we ought to choose between "To become or not to become". We have chosen to become fit by walking for at least two hours every morning along Runnyford Road.



We usually start at Nelligen Cemetery at the back of the village which, if you think walking kills you, gives you time to choose a suitable plot!



On the first day we walked for an hour, then lengthened it to an hour-and-a-half, and are now doing a regular two hours every morning which means we turn back at the midpoint between Nelligen and Runnyford.



Eventually, we want to make it as far as the Runnymede property and then to the Runnyford Bridge across the Buckenbowra River which is a good 12 km there and the same distance back again.



Too late - almost 800 years too late! - to meet King John as he signs the Magna Carta (you're on the wrong island anyway), but never too late to become fit (again).

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