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Today's quote:

Sunday, August 16, 2020

And the winner is ...

Ignore the arrow! Tell us the location of "Riverbend"! The first one
with the right answer wins a glass of hot Glühwein by the fireside.


The long-awaited results of our quiz are in, and the winner is - drum roll! - Mr Desmond J. Hudson of Fairfield, Connecticut, in the much-aligned U.S. of A. who sent in the following answer:



Unfortunately, due to incorrect punctuation marks - in turn due to lack of education - the selection committee was unable to deduce whether the Coke and airport comments are exclamations or questions. It has therefore decided to offer Mr Hudson as compensating inducement a 'Nelligen silver spoon' which, it is hoped, will not inconvenience him further since he was born with a silver spoon already in his mouth.



Congratulations, Mr Hudson! As you won't have any problem in finding "Riverbend", you may now come forward to claim your prize in person.

Googlemap Riverbend