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Saturday, August 1, 2020

"Don't get me wrong, they're lovely people but ..."


And so another character assassination is on its way. One little "but" to kick a butt by a small mind in a small community. How many times I have heard it all before. And so I did my best impersonation of Des Hudson, gave them a sheepish grin, closed my gate and walked away.

Anyway, that was yesterday. We've since spent a night in front of the blazing fireplace inside our sleeping bags. What would have been an exciting adventure half a century ago turned into a restless night. I mean, lying on a surprisingly hard floor and stoking the fire every few hours is one thing, but trying to get off the floor several times the night for diuretic reasons at the advanced age of seventy-five quite another.

Hung over, tired and bruised, and vowing never to do it again, we've put our sleeping bags up for sale on ebay. Make us an offer we can't resist!

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