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Monday, August 31, 2020

Blowing my own trumpet - again!


WD Scott was Australia's first management consulting firm and the country's largest when its accountant founder, Walter Scott, was knighted for his services as an adviser to the Australian government in 1970.

Their Port Moresby manager David Plomley had hired me in 1976 as an adviser to a minister of the government in Papua New Guinea but Anne Pender's signature had barely dried on her psycho-assessment when I decided that I wasn't going to get my hands dirty in their dirty games.

Still, forty-five years later it's comforting to know that there was a time when my intelligence was in 'the high to the very superior category', I appeared to be 'a reasonably confident person who sets high standards of personal performance', and expressed 'little desire for a position of prestige and status' while being 'a little naive' in assessing other people.

Blowing my own trumpet. It's the only instrument I know how to play!

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