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Sunday, August 9, 2020

I think we've dodged the bullet


2020 keeps on giving: bushfires, drought, wild winds, COVID-19, and - for the past two days - the thread of flooding. It's been pouring down for over two days and nights, a total of 190mm, or, by my own reckoning, one-and-a-half wheelbarrows full.



I've been keeping my eyes on the Brooman gauge up in the mountains which rose from its usual 1.00 to 10.04 by quarter past two this after-noon but seems to have peaked and is now slowly dropping to below 10.



I think we've dodged the bulletin but shall watch the tides and the run-offs for the next few days which should bring just a few showers, but then turn mostly sunny towards the end of the week - click here.

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