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Saturday, August 15, 2020

What a find!


Here I was, thinking I'd read everything W. Somerset Maugham had ever written when I came across this little - what? - not so much a short story as a short description of his stay on a tiny island off Tahiti.



And there's more enjoyable reading in "True tales of Hawaii and the South Seas" by the likes of Sir Arthur Grimble, James Norman Hall, Charles Nordhoff, and Australia's very own 'R.L. Stevenson', Louis Becke.

To read these and more stories of the South Seas, simply JOIN UP (it's free!), then LOG IN and BORROW the book.

P.S. Speaking of which, I've just found a selection of Maugham's travel writing, "The Skeptical Romancer", online at archive.bookfrom.net/ (although it appears to be just another republishing of his travel books.)

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