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Tuesday, January 12, 2021



We'd just turned left onto the Princes Highway to drive to Ulladulla for my half-yearly dental visit, when one of those mobile message boards wanted to know, "GOING TO FAST?" We had no idea where FAST was; anyway, we were going to Ulladulla!

What with the number of teeth decreasing from year to year, the dental work was short and (almost) sweet, which left plenty of time for a visit to the shops, with Padma hunting for wool while I was searching for some interesting books and rare DVDs in my favourite op-shops.

I came away with three Australian DVDs - "Hanging with Hoges", "Last Train to Freo", and "Dirty Deeds" (it doesn't get much rarer than that!) - and three books - "The Google Story - Inside the hottest business, media and technology success of our times", "A More Perfect Heaven - How Copernicus revolutionised the cosmos", and "Boom and Bust".

I'm already well into "Boom and Bust", the fascinating story of the many personalities that launched the Australian mining boom, so you won't hear too much - or should that be 'to much'? - from me for a day ot two.

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