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Monday, January 4, 2021

The Big Steal


On Monday Danny Clark is the reluctant recipient of a birthday present he would rather forget, his father’s old Nissan Cedric. By Tuesday he has asked the beautiful Joanna out on a date ... only problem is, he promised to pick her up in a Jaguar.

In a tight fix and desperate to impress, Danny trades the Nissan Cedric in for a Jaguar only to be ripped off by a dodgy used-car salesman. With his mates in tow and revenge on their minds, Danny sets out to rectify wrongs and finish his dream date better than it started.

This highly entertaining movie reminded me just a little of my first two years in Australia when I worked for the ANZ Bank and had more than a teenage crush on what was by far the best-looking sheila in the bank.

At the time, a car was 99% of a young man's personality whereas I owned no more than the clothes I stood up in. With just 1% personality and a thick German accent I never stood a chance ( .... and to think, fifty years later, that I would've willingly given up on the idea of seeing the world, would've willingly stuck with my dull 9-to-5 job in the bank for the next forty years, would've had kids and a big mortgage on a small house with a white picket fence around it, the full catastrophe ... IF ONLY SHE HAD SO MUCH AS SMILED AT ME!!!)

This blog is dedicated to all the Danny Clarks and to all the dodgy used-car salesmen. 'How many owners has this car had?'....'One at a time'.

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