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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

I never got there in 1969 ...

Paul and Leah Waterston, aboard ESCAPE II, sailing to Pigeon Island


More than fifty years ago, I very nearly took a not-so-promising job on Pigeon Island - click here. A few years later, I took another job in the Solomons - click here. Much, much later I read Lucy Irvine's book "Faraway".

As I wrote elsewhere, I was sorely tempted to go to Pigeon Island but I was also concerned about my professional career and what "career" would there've been with something called "Pigeon Island Traders" located on one of the remotest islands in the South Pacific? Instead, I accepted another offer from a firm of chartered accountants in the then Territory of Papua & New Guinea - and I have never looked back!

It was not until now, more than fifty years later, that I had my first good look around Pigeon, thanks to Paul and Leah Waterston, an Australian couple, who in 2019 sailed through the Solomons, called in at Pigeon Island, met Ben Hepworth (Leah tells me, after reading my blog they even used my name as a reference), and uploaded this amazing video.


Drumming up business for Ben? Why not! He could use it! Click here
(if h4e241a@sailmail.com is hard to reach; try tavakie@gmail.com)
(for a brochure, click here)


What a buzz! I immediately messaged Lucy Irvine via her facebook page, giving her the link to the video clip (together with a sizeable donation to her "Lucy Irvine Foundation Europe, LIFE")). It's a small world, isn't it?

Now I need several more hours to go through all those other amazing "Sailing Catamaran Escape" video clips!

Googlemap Riverbend


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