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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day! I'm off to Karachi!

Activists of Pakistani religious party "Jamat Ahl-e-Sunnat" hold a heart-shaped placard that reads 'it's not matter of heart it's a matter of faith" during a rally against Valentine's Day celebrations in Karachi

Valentine's Day is considered a pagan holiday by Muslims. Hundreds of people have gathered in the Pakistani city of Karachi to demonstrate against Valentine's Day. The protesters set fire to cards, posters and cuddly toys and labelled the Pakistanis who celebrate Valentine's Day as followers of Western culture. Conservative political parties have called for a government ban on Valentine's Day, labelling it un-Islamic.

In Saudi Arabia they have banned red flowers or red anything and the religious police are out in force. In Kuwait, Islamist MPs said yesterday they will study the possibility of amending existing laws in a bid to ban the celebrations of "alien events" like the Valentine's Day. Even in Indonesia, religious leaders consider it forbidden.

Happy Valentine's Day! Must rush! My flight for Karachi is boarding!