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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Home is the sailor, home from the sea

Another day at Marine Rescue - aka Grumpy Old Men and the Sea!
It was perfect boating weather and plenty of boats were out.

And we had a Code 1: Man overboard!

In fact, FOUR! Two octogenarians and their middle-aged son and daughter-in-law in a tiny 3-metre flat-bottomed dinghy with just enough freeboard to display the boat's registration.

They had underestimated the swell which swamped their boat, then overturned it, trapping the old lady beneath the hull! High drama which ended when we could bring them all safely ashore.

Then a 10-metre sloop, which we had been tracking since leaving the Shoalhaven, entered the Bay and proceeded to cut at right angle across the bar at low tide. We radioed her to "do a 180" before she could get stuck on the bar. She is now anchored in the lee of Snapper Island to await the next high tide around midnight before following the leads into the Bay.