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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Happy Easter!

The shops are full of chocolate eggs and bunnies which is a clear indicator that Easter is anywhere from three months to three days away. But why eggs and bunnies?

Apparently, the Easter bunny dates back to the 13th-century when people prayed to multiple gods and goddesses. Eostra, the goddess of fertility and spring, was symbolized with the rabbit and is believed to have crossed over. Which leaves the eggs which first became associated with Easter in Medieval Europe. The Church forbade people to consume eggs during Lent and as such, the eggs laid during the 40 days would be preserved and stored. With an abundance of eggs, they would be consumed on Easter.

Of course, all you good little Catholics out there already knew this, so I move on: we have been invited for more 'drinkies' and an Easter lunch on Sunday. It's by the same people who invited us last Christmas and were so taken by my rendition of 'Silent Night' that they have asked me to bring along my button accordion again. Little do they know that this the only number in my repertoire!

Anyway, to all of you who don't have to listen to 'Silent Night' on Easter Sunday, have a Happy Easter and remember: it's the only time of the year when you can put all your eggs in one basket and get away with it! I hope I will!