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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Australia's homeless


Don't worry, you won't get a diatribe on Australia's social ills which learned academics have already dissected to the nth degree. If you want to believe them, we would have all been homeless at some stage in our lives.

Instead, we lived in boarding houses or rented rooms until we were ready to start our own families. Not so today when everyone should have their own pad, preferably with harbour views, and preferably through the endless munificence of the government's social programs.

I do, however, admit to having contributed to homelessness amongst the local possum population when we felled a large tree which was being strangled to death by ivy. As it slowly came down to the ground, expertly guided by ropes and pulleys, two little possums tumbled out.

What's done is done and I hope they find suitable accommodation elsewhere at "Riverbend" - but, please, not under my roof! Anyway, the work was only temporarily halted by the possums and the visit by my expert treefeller's family.

Michelle, little Litha, and Padma holding babe-in-arms Dave

It continued - and will continue for another day - despite this being the hottest day of the month, with temperatures well into the forties. No wonder the possums were angry to have lost their shady home.