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Saturday, January 7, 2017

It's five o'clock somewhere


It's five o'clock at "Riverbend" all the time - at least according to this charming little travel alarm which I picked up for a dollar in an op-shop. I bought it for sentimental reasons even though it doesn't work anymore (but it tells the right time twice a day).

You see, I had an almost identical German-made Kienzle "Reisewecker" which stood by my hundreds of different bedsides for twenty years to ensure I'd be at work on time. It never did wake me up as I was always into my first cup of tea already by the time the alarm went off but I used to set it every night just in case. And just in case you need a bit of waking up, here's my favourite five o'clock song:



Turn up the volume and listen to it while I run up the flag!



So good morning to you all! Or good afternoon! Or good whatever it may be, because it's five o'clock somewhere!