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Friday, January 27, 2017

Just say lah!


Our friends Bill and Rosie in the Bay are, like us, a multi-cultural couple: he's a dinky-di whereas she's a Chinese from Singapore who still lives in lah-lah land and ends every sentence in 'lah'.

As I sat here, watching today's steady decline of the stock market, the phone rang and a female Chinese voice said, I'm calling up about the property at Riverbend. Is it still for sale, lah?"

I was just about to say, "Cut the crap, Rosie!", when I remembered that Rosie and Bill had gone on yet another ocean cruise, this time to New Caledonia (such is life for impoverished old age pensioners in this wonderful country of ours; I just wished they'd all stop whinging).

Instead I said, "Yes, indeed, it's still for sale. How can I help you?", which was the start of a long conversation with, well, let's call her Lee; after all, that is her name.

She and her husband, both from Singapore and now living in Sydney, want somewhere quiet with plenty of space. Just like Riverbend, lah?

I emailed them my website, some price comparisons, and a GOOGLE map. Now it's up to them. Ah, and, by the way, BHP finished 37 cents down for the day. No good, lah!