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Monday, January 30, 2017

Does Lüderitz need a helping hand from the Apostrophe Protection Society?


These days I am more of a mental armchair traveller - especially on days like today when temperatures are reaching into the 40s -, so when I was looking for my old office in Lüderitz on GOOGLE Map, I also found the facebook page of the Lüderitz Yacht Club which seems to be right next door to the Helping Hand's Place for Senior Citizens.

My first reaction was, "Oh boy, these guys need a helping hand from the Apostrophe Protection Society", but then I thought, "Maybe there is only one helping hand?"

My old office highlighted in yellow at the bottom of the picture - see also here

Anyway, I stretched out a helping hand to the Yacht Club by offering them reciprocal rights with the Nelligen Yacht Club.