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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Not your average accountant

Some of my accounting friends will recognise themselves in this little sketch.
To them I dedicate this little poem:
An Accountant's Life
He was a very cautious man, who never romped or played,
He never smoked, he never drank, nor even kissed a maid.
And when up and passed and away, insurance was denied.
For since he hadn't ever lived, they claimed he never died.

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When I grew up, I wanted to be a garbage collector because I thought they only work on Tuesdays. Having had that illusion dashed, I settled for picking up other people's financial garbage.

And rather than going for the boring profit & loss statement and balance sheet stuff, I went for the messy bits, like designing reporting systems for new companies, or forensically auditing fraudulent ones, or rehabilitating bankrupt ones.

They were never average kind of jobs but then I was never an average kind of accountant. The jobs I picked up were full of excitement and challenges and I loved every one of them (the ones I didn't love I left).

My only regret is that there was never a tea lady in any of the offices I worked in. To think of all the chocolate éclairs I could've squashed!