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Friday, January 13, 2017

Nina and Adrian Hoffmann's art of making stories


They went one better than the chap in this YouTube clip when they wrote their book Eine Insel nur für uns (An Island to Ourselves) in which they tell the reader that they lived like Robinson Crusoe in a primitive hut on a desert island.



The book's subtitle says it is "eine wahre Geschichte". A true story? Well, they make no secret of having taken half a chemist shop with them - see here - nor do they hide the fact that they bought up all of Tonga's toilet paper - see here - but they certainly did not live in a "kleine Hütte" (tiny hut).


The 'kleine Hütte' (3.20) was just their kitchen.
They cooked in it, but lived in the sumptious Villa Manama - click here


When it comes to their accommodation, they modestly describe it as a "kleine Hütte" (tiny hut) - see here - which the island's owners allowed them to sleep in. Does the white villa shown below look like a tiny hut?


Villa Mamana on the island of Telekivava'u in the Kingdom of Tonga


Or this?


Click here for a GOOGLE-view of Villa Mamana


Not to mention the four-poster bed and marble-clad ensuite bathroom (one of two) ...



... or the comfortable lounge and polished verandahs.



You see, the true story is that Nina und Adrian lived in what the Lonely Planet Travel Guide rated as "probably the most exclusive and beautiful accommodation in Tonga ... one for celebrities".

They lived in this exclusive and beautiful accommodation free of charge in exchange for 'house-sitting' the place in the American owner's absence. Robinson Crusoe with his Girl Friday? Far from it!

Click here for Villa Mamana's website.