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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Be careful what you wish for


The Invisible Man is a good book to read again on a slow day because the story moves at a snail's pace which makes it the perfect book to read at "Riverbend" where every day is a slow day - and thank goodness for that.

As a moral tale, The Invisible Man harks back to Plato's "Ring of Gyges" and poses the interesting question whether man would be moral if he didn't have to fear being caught and punished for doing injustices.

And, of course, being invisible makes it easy to get things but hard to enjoy them. And it gets kind of lonely and also cold because you can only be totally invisible by being starkers. And it becomes impossible to sleep because the eyelids also become invisible. As H. G. Wells points out, the only really good use for invisibility is murder.

It's a good read, and you can read it here, but don't expect much of a chuckle until you get to chapter XVI, "This, this Invisible Man, then?" asked the man with the black beard, with one hand behind him. "I guess it's about time we saw him."

So if you were invisble for a day, what's the first thing you would do? Just be careful what you wish for!