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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Cocaine Cassie and chequebook journalism


Well, it had to happen, hadn't it? The mother and sister of Cocaine Cassie have sold their story for an eye-watering one-million dollars, while her fiance, bodybuilder Scott Broadbridge, has signed an equally lucrative rival contract with another party.

Maybe they can help to untangle what is perhaps the most confusing story ever told of a trip to Colombia by a young Australian woman who

  • had her trip booked at the last minute by an unknown person in Hongkong
  • had made a series of international trips to China and Los Angeles and Canada in the preceding six months
  • Instagrammed on January the 10th, "50 days until I make the biggest move I’ve yet to do. 50 days until everything changes"
  • was going on a working holiday of just a few days to Colombia to promote her personal training business or an as yet unnamed cleaning company
  • stayed in a Bogota hotel which she paid for two days at a time and hardly ever left
  • bought eighteen headphones off a ‘nice Colombian man’

Pity the packages didn't contain headphones but 5.8 kg of cocaine which would've had a street value of almost $2 million in Australia, but never mind, they'll get paid almost as much now for telling their story.

If you had been a complete berk and contributed to their fundraiser - which was stopped on May the 1st at $4,230 (or the equivalent of almost seventeen weeks on the dole!); another GoFundMe account has already been deleted after it received hundreds of negative comments -, maybe now is a good time to ask for a refund.