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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Hook, line and sinker!


I've never disputed that Padma would've made a fine librarian who'd find you any book at a moment's notice - provided you can give her the book's exact size - and so I'm trying hard to maintain the existing order in the kitchen during her absence.

Although I'm refusing to continue her much argued-over practice of cleaning and polishing every empty tin and plastic container before consigning it to the recycle bin. As far as I'm concerned, OECD stands for the "Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development", not for "Obsessive Empty Container Disposal Disorder".

I did email her though that I had incurred the wrath of Council for "having deposited recyclable items in an unacceptably unclean state in the Council's recycle bin which, under By-Law 175, sub-section 5, attracts a fine of $200", to which she replied, "You see? I told you so!"

Hook, line and sinker! ☺