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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Steptoe without the son

Steptoe and Son is a British sitcom about a father-and-son rag-and-bone business.
They live at Oil Drum Lane, a fictional street in Shepherd's Bush, London.


After a fortnight under 'new management', "Riverbend" begins to look a bit like Oil Drum Lane in Shepherd's Bush, if you know what I mean (you probably don't since you weren't inducted into Australian 'kulcha' in Barton House's TV Lounge in the 'sixties).

To stop the rot, I got as far as unfurling the power cord on the vacuum cleaner and filling the sink with hot water when I became distracted by the sight of an early fisherman on the river whose dinghy sported the inscription 'U-96' next to a large Iron Cross. He was too far away to get a decent shot of him - with a camera, that is! - but what goes down must come upriver again, so perhaps I get another chance later on.

U-96 was, of course, the German submarine made famous in the 1981 German epic war film 'Das Boot', of which the uncut miniseries version ran for 293 minutes (four hours, 53 minutes). Interestingly, all of the main actors were bilingual in German and English, and when the film was dubbed into English, each actor recorded his own part.

Well, I'd better get back to the kitchen and stop the sink from over-flowing before the whole house sinks like the U-96.